At SAJC we go green not to impress but to express the gratitude towards mother nature. We are not taught only textbooks but also Human Values & Ethics, Customs & Traditions and how to appreciate every creation in this nature.

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MR. MANOJ KUMAR GUPTA Student of CEC-CPT May 14, 2017


It is great to see Sri Amogha, taking up the initiative to promote green, as this is the need of the hour. It’s amazing to see that the college is nurturing love for nature by creating awareness and educating in a right manner. As today’s generation is tomorrow’s future

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MS. TEJASWI CEO Plant deck May 14, 2017


SAJC maintains very apt teacher student ratio which builds a strong parental bond between students and teachers. This family environment gets the best out of the student. I’m happy
that my son is in the right hand

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MRS. M PRABHAVATHI Mother of M Siddhardha, MPC-IC May 14, 2017


SAJC helps each student to see challenges in their lives with knowledge supported by their wisdom and moral values. SAJC energizes students through events and sports, and helps them to  develop good decision making skills

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MR. P BHEEM SANJEEV Father of Ashwajeet, MEC-CPT May 14, 2017


For me SAJC has been a ‘Home away from home’. Due to diversity of students coming from different cultures, we learn to appreciate differences and it makes the place more interesting.

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MS. MANISHA SONI Student, MPC-IC May 14, 2017


I chose and suggest SAJC because it creates interest among students by practical knowledge along with the theory. I feel really happy when
my daughter tells me how they perform experiments in the Laboratory.

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MR. T. Satish Gupta Father of Madhu Pravalika, BiPC – IC March 27, 2017


We shifted from Mumbaiand took my daughters admission in SAJC. They assured me for less class strength and have kept their promise.



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DR. MRUNAL APTE Mother of Yashada Apte, MPC-IC March 27, 2017

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