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‘No. I don’t want to join at Amogha or any unreputed college’ – That was my response to my mom’s, ‘Beta, lega admission Amogha...   Read More


STRANGER THINGS IS AWESOME! (Review on a web-series) The very first episode of Stranger Things gives you goose bumps and hooks you on a magnificent...   Read More

Explore, Dream, Achieve  

Explore, Dream, Achieve   Sri Amogha Junior College gives us good coaching and a good environment that makes us enthusiastic about study.  In SRI AMOGHA, college...   Read More

Building with a passion: : A Student’s Story

Parvez, a second year student of Sri Amogha Junior College (2016-18), walks in a little shyly, unsure about what is going on. He brightens...   Read More

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