‘No. I don’t want to join at Amogha or any unreputed college’ – That was my response to my mom’s, ‘Beta, lega admission Amogha mein?’

It has been a year since then and now I’m proud to be an ardent fan of the Amogha group. Amogha provides the best student life.

Chapter 1 :Getting into SAJC

My parents and I began our hunt for colleges. It wasn’t easy to find the ideal one; it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Searching through dozens of colleges saw me land in Narayana College for the fame it had. I’d been there for only about a week before I realized that my hunt was still on!

As the final alternative, I had to come back to the Hindu Public School (in association with Sri Amogha) and now I know that my parents had handpicked best possible destination for me and I am very happy with their decision.

I would say that Sri Amogha is the BEST college!!

Chapter 2 :Falling in love with SAJC

I have a strong intuitive feeling that Sri Amogha Junior College (SAJC) is going to be one of the most successful colleges in the near future and believe that SAJC will emerge as an ideal destination for students with high aspirations.

Being a member of Amogha Family for about 12 months now, I’ve developed a deep sense of attachment towards the Amogha’s team. In my opinion, the principles of the SAJC group that completely win over the hearts of the student community are:

  1. TEAMWORK: Amogha’s secret recipe for success.

SAJC is a place where in you see no employers or employees; you just see a team working towards a common goal. It makes you feel like a part of the team and doesn’t treat you any lesser for being a mere student. Students at Amogha are bound together with this feeling and this creates a sense of community.

  1. FRIENDLINESS: Amogha’s core value

The Chairman and the Principal look no less than a pair of good friends. The kind, friendly and respectful attitude towards the students at SAJC makes us realize our worth as individuals.

  1. EXPOSURE: Amogha’s speciality

I’d never learned as much in the last 17 years as I have in the last 12 months, and that’s barely an exaggeration!

The industrial trip to Lallaguda Workshop and a glimpse of actual JEE exam at TCS and the career guidance session by Mr. Gade and the photography workshop at Hamstech… Wow! Which other college offers you so much in just 12 months?


Do you want to get benefits with Social Media? SAJC shows you the best way to effectively use Social media. SAJC understands the changing trends and is truly attracting the student’s attention by its active presence on social media.

The classes on Edmodo, the active sessions on WhatsApp groups and the frequent Facebook posts keep us updated with the college’s news. This not only benefits the students, but also works as an effective marketing strategy/tactic for the promotion of the college on social platforms.

  1. TALENT HUNT: Amoghans’ pride!

SAJC provides you various platforms to explore your talents and encourage you in your field of interest. The various competitions held at SAJC like Debating, Singing, Quiz, Rangolietc, really help in exploring the hidden talents among Amoghans!

People like Mohd. Parvez are Amoghans’ pride. His success displays how SAJC encourages the interests and talents of her students. Another friend of mine called Anagha is multitalented and yes, Amogha encourages such talents!

  1. INNOVATION: Amogha is curious!

SAJC is open to innovation and is always searching to find better ways to help students and connect with them. The idea of Flipped classes was to use the classroom time effectively, and it is truly amazing. I personally believe that the idea of flipped classes has great potential. The Concept of making digital content in the form of Video Lectures is brilliant.


SAJC looks upon all of her students equally; no classification of students on basis of their academic performances. The Proctor system and the one-on-one sessions encourage students to fearlessly talk about their opinions and problems.Teacher feedback forms not only allow the students to express their opinion on teachers, but also integrate students into the education process.

Over all I would say that Sri Amogha is the best college for students.

-This article is authored by Syed Amaan, MPC student (Batch 2017-19) He can be reached through 

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