Building with a passion: : A Student’s Story

Parvez, a second year student of Sri Amogha Junior College (2016-18), walks in a little shyly, unsure about what is going on. He brightens up as I tell him that I’m here to ask him a few questions about the remotely controlled Bluetooth robot he built. We settle down to talk a little about his motivation and how he did it.

Since when were you interested in electronics and coding?

He tells me the story of how, way back when he was in 8th class, he was given an old PC with Linux, instead if Windows. Having no choice, with his older brother’s help, he learnt how to work with it and write commands for Linux. That took him three months. Soon he was coding away using C and C++; he now counts JAVA and Python among the languages he’s familiar with. In fact, he says with a smile, Python is easy enough for anyone to learn.

What prompted you to make the Bluetooth robot in question then?

Parvez wanted to take part in NIT Warangal’s technical fest, and the Bluetooth robot was an entry for the same, in which he competed with engineering and science college students. “I didn’t win, but I’m happy,” he says. And no wonder; it must’ve been quite an experience to be competing alongside college students a lot older than him. The robot itself is made of motor shields and RF motors. It is run using Arduino Uno and Bluetooth module 2.1, has a range of 100m and can be controlled either using a remote controller or a laptop. “Because radio waves are too mainstream,” Parvez says cheekily.

This must’ve taken up quite a bit of time, money and effort. What sort of support enabled you to take up this project and actually see it through to the end?

“I got a lot of love and support both from my parents and the college,” he says, “Nikhilesh sir, especially, was a huge help.” Parvez then goes on to tell me how he told Nikhilesh about the problems he had with the project- lack of access to tools, getting stuck at certain steps and lack of funding. Nikhilesh then called in a friend of his from Vizag, who helped Parvez out with the steps he had problems with, and offered to fund the whole project. That’s right. Parvez’s project was funded entirely by Sri Amogha. “And no one knew this. Just Nikhilesh sir, me, and now you,” Parvez tells me smiling at the memory. “I was also greatly inspired by this guest lecture held in college by Abhijith sir. He taught us that these days, everything in the world from energy mining and business to art and manufacture, involves computers. That inspired me to learn as much as I can about coding and computer languages.” He talks about how his parents let him pursue what he wanted and how his mother- a teacher- encouraged him to always learn new things. He ends with one final statement, “I can confidently say that if I were in any college other than Sri Amogha, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

You’ve achieved and learnt quite a lot already. What do you plan to do later in the future?

“I’m actually already part of a team. There are four of us who can code. We make templates for Facebook quizzes and have a page for them. So I got an offer for a project from a company who liked our work. They want me to build them a quad copter with a 360֯ view and live streaming. I’m thinking of taking that up after my exams. I want to study engineering later, since I’m interested in the practical applications of electronics.”

We end the conversation with me wishing Parvesz the best of luck. I’m still struck by the passion he has for electronics which drives him and hope that he goes on to achieve great things in the field.

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