“The student mind is not an empty vessel to fill but it is the fire to be ignited”, this is the principle that Mr. S V Rao lives by. He has been in the education space for over 30 years. The fact that he has spent most of that time in classrooms speaks volumes about him.

Mr. S V Rao began his career as a faculty of Physics in Karnataka, he then worked as a Principal at a range of corporate colleges in Hyderabad. During his tenure as a principal, he has not only trained the faculty in various methodologies of teaching but also closely worked with other S V Rao - Sri Amogha Chairmanacademicians in monitoring and preparing strategic academic plans.

During his tenure with other Educational Institutions, at various capacities, he was instrumental in streamlining and stabilizing the institutions at various centers in different states and in Hyderabad. He also worked as an Executive Director with pioneer educational institutions in Gujarat. He was not only instrumental in blending the latest technologies into the day-to-day curriculum but was also responsible for acquiring the necessary human and financial resources.

Adding to this depth of knowledge in the field, Mr. S V Rao also has his own way with the students. Many of them, including his students from early 90’s, fondly remember him even today. He attributes this to his strong interpersonal skills and his genuine efforts in getting to the root of all problems. He is passionate about bringing in a change in the way students look at today’s educational scenario while maintaining the fact that being friendly and teaching effectively will take things a long way

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