Explore, Dream, Achieve  

Explore, Dream, Achieve  

Sri Amogha Junior College gives us good coaching and a good environment that makes us enthusiastic about study. 

In SRI AMOGHA, college teachers here not only explain concept but also try to link those concepts with everyday examples.

     Teacher’s interact with us.

     They do their best in every exam for preparing the student.

     They also dedicate an extra 2 hours for counselling, in which we can ask for help with the concepts or anything else. 

     SRI AMOGHA believes in creating an environment conducive to learning with emphasis on keeping it stress-free.

     In current era of education system, they focus on building an ecosystem where one can explore, dream and achieve

     SRI AMOGHA also takes students to educational trips and events which help us realise the real world applications.


For a student who is looking for strong academics along with overall development, including corporate visits, career counselling and other events, SRI AMOGHA is the best intermediate college.

The author of this write-up Raga Prathibha, MPC student (2017-19)

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