Our Program


  1. Deducing expertise from classrooms to external life
  2. Enhancing the curriculum with aspects that exceed textbooks
  3. Triggering a change of learning from mindless methods

The Sri Amogha program includes technology and e-learning tools for the most accurate assessment of student examinations. Students take up online mock tests of National Level examination thrice a year and receive a detailed analytical report on their performance. We employ educational tools such as projectors and digital libraries in classrooms to maximize teaching efficiency and ensure retention in students by engaging them visually.

Personal attention affects adolescents greatly. It is our specially designed PROCTOR system that divides students into batches of 20 each and assigns each batch to a Proctor.

Who is a PROCTOR:

A proctor in simple language is an On-Campus parent, else can be called a Mentor. The Proctor acts as a prime point of contact for the parent and is liable for the overall performance of a student.

Responsibilities of a PROCTOR:

  • Follows the Academic performance of his/her students
  • Is available for the student for any academic or non – academic issues
  • Sanctions leave to the students
  • Conducts One-On-One counseling with students periodically
  • Interacts with all parents for every term and whenever deems necessary
  • Offers rewards and remedial to the students
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