Awaaz Ep.3

It’s time for the writer inside you to come out for Awaaz Ep 3. In the current situation, people need positivity. Yes, this situation is like never before that you or your parents have seen in this lifetime. A couple of things that we all need to develop are – 

  • Resilience 
  • Faith
  • Patience 
  • Realistic and Positive Outlook

I request the young writers to consider the above as themes/ topics for Awaaz Ep 3. You’ll have to upload your video clicking on the upload button.

About Awaaz

Awaaz, is an initiative from SAJC to promote the original content from the students. The formats can be in the form of poems/ Shayari, standup comedy, song, etc. The first episode of Awaaz was held in October 2019 and the second was in December 2019. Both the events witnessed enormous talent.  Please note that this is not a Competition. We’re trying to build a small student community of student writers. 


  1. The content should be original from the participant.
  2. A minimum of 30sec and a maximum of 180sec needs to be spoken.
  3. Participants can take the help of any live instrument to set the mood.
  4. Languages that can be used are – Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, and English. 
  5. Participants should give the author’s reference in case of any quotations.
  6. Record your video in a Silent area which is well lit. Make sure that there is no light behind you, which can make you look dark. 
  7. Check your audio and video before you upload it. 
  8. Reciter in the video and the writer must be the same.

Words that MUST NOT be used in ANY LANGUAGE are –

  1. Virus
  2. Corona / CoVID-19
  3. Pandemic
  4. Any Country’s name
  5. Any Person’s name

NOTE: Understand that the topic is not Corona. The topics are related to the Survival during any tough situations in life.  

Who can participate?

Any Intermediate student with a valid College ID proof, which means it’s open for students from both Amogha and outside Amogha.

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