Lens View – Photography Competition

Sri Amogha – Lens view – Photography Competition 

Only a camera can capture time in one frame. At Sri Amogha we look creating a balanced learning environment in a Student’s Life. Now it’s the time to get the creativity out. 
Lens View – is a photography competition for students from anywhere in the world. This is the time in the history of the human race when more optimism is even more required and the themes for the competition are designed for the same purpose. 


A photograph is a canvas on which a photographer captures the world in the way he/she sees it. Your camera doesn’t matter. Your connection with the subject matters. Themes are:

  • Street Photography – Get onto the street and look at what every object is ready to become the subject of your frame. Submissions for Street photography have to be in Black and white. Google and Pinterest can give you more ideas about Street Photography. 
  • Festive – Festivals have been an integral part of all the cultures in the world. It will be a different experience to see celebrations during a pandemic like this. This festival is about hope and faith that all is taken care of by the supreme power as always. Capture these moments of celebration and hope.
  • Old is Gold – Old is never old. It’s just the time that flies by, but not the spirit. Starting from objects to humans, everything that is considered old has a story to say. These Golden beings and things have not only seen things change but also realize that something within them never changed. It’s the time to cement these stories on a photograph.
  • Emotions – This is a broad topic. The base of human interactions is Emotions. The beauty of emotions is that they are never forever. A few say that an Emotion is Energy in Motion. There’s so much that happens psychologically and physiologically when an Emotion runs through one’s mind. It will be a wonder to see how contagious these emotions are. 

Tip: Don’t think of a frame and search for that frame. When you hold a camera (even a mobile camera), a frame appears like magic right in front of you, asking you to capture it, and then disappears in seconds. So what are you waiting for? Register now and start capturing. 


We wish you all a Happy Dussera! 


Each theme will have 2 winning photos. 
Winning photos will be selected by a professional photographer.
Winning photos will be displayed on the college’s wall and home page of sriamogha.com
Last date of submission – 8 PM, 26 Oct 2020
Two submissions are allowed for each registration. 


  • The photographer must be between 13 and 19 years of age.
  • Photos must have been clicked by the photographer who is submitting it.
  • Post-processing is allowed but very minimal. 
  • Every photo must have a Title and a Write-up (photographer’s description of the photo) with a maximum of 250 words. 
  • Photos will have to be submitted via a submission link that will be emailed to all the registrants. 
  • Any vulgarity in the photos will not be considered. 
  • The last date for Registration is 23 Oct 2020.


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