PUZZLE!!! What is it??

What is Puzzle

Puzzle is a problem that test imagination, cleverness and skill of the solver. Puzzles are often contrived as a form of Entertainment, But they can also be considered as mathematical or logical problems in most of cases.
People with a high inductive reasoning aptitude may be better in solving those puzzles. puzzles may be solved by good deduction skills.


Generally there are several types of puzzles. some important types are listed below.
1.Logical puzzles such as knight’s tour in chess board.
2.Mathematical puzzles such as finding missing number in a series,
distance problems, time problems, missing number in a table.
3.Mechanical puzzles such as rubik’s cube, soma cube, burr puzzle.
4.Paper and pencil puzzles such as maze puzzle and combining the
dots to get an image.


Maze puzzle This the maze puzzle which comes under Paper and pencil puzzles.
Mechanical Puzzle This is rubik’s cube which comes under Mechanical puzzles.
Maths Puzzle This is the type of finding the missing number in a table which comes under Mathematical puzzle.


In general to solve puzzles logical reasoning is necessary. In logic, there are three kinds of logical reasoning. they are
precondition and rule implies a conclusion. so based on precondition, induction, abduction we can define above three as below.
DEDUCTION means determining the conclusion. It is using precondition and rule to make conclusion. Mathematicians are commonly used this type of logical reasoning.
INDUCTION means determining the rule. It is learning the rule after numerous examples of conclusion following the precondition. scientists are commonly used this type of logical reasoning.
ABDUCTION means determining the precondition.
It is using conclusion and rule to support that precondition could explain the conclusion. diagnosticians and detectives commonly used this type of logical reasoning.


From this article we can conclude that to solve puzzles logical reasoning is necessary. With out reasoning we can’t solve any type of logical problems. solving logical puzzles can also improves IQ level and maturity level.

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