STRANGER THINGS IS AWESOME! (Review on a web-series)

The very first episode of Stranger Things gives you goose bumps and hooks you on a magnificent journey. This NETFLIX original drama was released on 15thJuly 2016 with another season followed this year.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980s, when science fiction caught the imagination of people. Will, a 12 year old boy who lives with his mother and elder brother, goes missing while returning to his home from his friend Mike’s house. His Mom, along with the chief of the local police, opens an investigation of his missing. While searching for answers, they unravel the connection between his disappearance and a secret government project. Will’s friends try to solve the case with their mysterious gifted friend Eleven.

After watching the trailer for very first time, I thought it was going to be some sci-fi horror trope. And I was wrong! It has drama, mystery, sci-fi, and dark themes. I sincerely hated the sci-fi horror genre and being a realistic person, I have even hated bad portrayals of children’s behaviour. I must say that this series shows that this genre can be presented in a heart warming way. It changed my mind.

Why is it intoxicating?

There are many film-making tricks used in this series that just blow your mind. The editing and visual effects are perfectly executed and the series is finely polished to perfection. The music director hypnotises you with his dark back ground score. Few scores are worth experiencing while watching. And you’re going to love the title music for sure and its timing in every episode. Title music starts hitting just after a thrilling suspenseful scene. The work done by the production team is simply top notch and dark dimensions are perfectly carved.

The casting is perfect. GatenMatarazzo( who plays Dustin) is my personal favourite and he’s cool. Eleven (played by Milly Bobby Brown), though she has very less dialogues in the film, is just stunning. Her expressions say it all and completely fit in with the story of a girl with supernatural powers. Winona Ryder (plays Will’s mom) gives a jaw dropping performance in a great comeback. Officer Hopps (played by David Harbour) is the perfect cop with his heart wrenching past, and his eagerness to solve the mystery is breath taking.

The Chemistry in this series is well knit. The chemistry between Mike and Eleven is very cute and the sexual politics in the film are engaging.

Should you watch it??

There’s no doubt about it; it’s worth watching. Every episode increases your anxiety and instinctively pushes you to invest more in the show. You are definitely going to love the performances of each and every character. This series is a work of art.


This review is written by Dhanamjay Raj and can be reached at

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