The classes are fun-filled and I have never felt stressed. The teachers have taught the complicated topics by applying easy methods so I have acquired complete knowledge of all the subjects. I thank BK Sir for the way he teaches Mathematics and his problem-solving skills are excellent. So Mathematics has become my favorite subject. Sri Amogha has been rendering great service to the Student Community.

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Yashitha kumari jaiswal Student , CBSE MPC (2018-20) April 4, 2019

The Teachers here have guided my kid to choose the right option for a better Career. I thank Pawan Sir and Sumanth Sir for their admirable methods of teaching. I think this is one of the best Institutions for the Students and their Parents.

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A. Taruni Gopi Parent , CBSE Commerce (2018-20) April 2, 2019

Sri Amogha not only provides a good education but also insists students on giving more importance to moral values. I would like to thank all the Teachers who are the reason behind every successful student. I am very happy with the way they teach our kids. – 

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Parent, Soumya Kolawar (CEC) April 1, 2019

The teachers there have helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and life skills. They instill our minds with virtues so we can become good human beings. I like and respect all the teachers. They are congenial and they keep motivating all the students with their unbiased attitude. It is a good Institution for those who want to build their own career.

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V. Sriramnivas Student , CEC (2017-19) March 4, 2019

The Institution not only offers the best education but also focuses more on extracurricular activities so I have taken part in many competitions and have won prizes. I thank Pavan Sir for helping me with Economics and he is the only reason for me scoring high marks.

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K. Vijaya Kumar Student , MEC (2018-20) February 14, 2019

I was afraid of facing people especially when I was on a stage, but Sri Amogha helped me a lot to overcome it. I feel confident now and can address people off the dais. I want to thank BK sir as he encourages and makes me feel very confident. He helps me to get rid of my fear. Sri Amogha offers a platform for students to develop their public speaking skills.

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Mukesh Reddy Student, MPC (2018-20) January 23, 2019

The Institution has helped my son to develop his skills and induce his interest in studies. Now my son has clear ideas about his life and career. I want to thank Sumanth Sir and Pavan Sir; they have helped my son to overcome the hurdles and motivated him in his hard times. I would like to thank the Institution and the teachers for making the students responsible and reliable citizens.

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Syed Zamin Hussain Naqvi Parent , CEC December 25, 2018

I didn’t show much interest in my studies, but at SAJC the teachers kindled my interest to perform better and now I’ve improved a lot in studies. I would like to thank my faculty for the way they have inspired the students.

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- Kevin Madison (MEC, 2018-20) November 10, 2018


SAJC maintains very apt teacher-student ratio which builds a strong parental bond between students and teachers. This family environment gets the best out of the student. I’m happy
that my son is in the right hand

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MRS. M PRABHAVATHI Mother of M Siddhardha, MPC-IC January 14, 2018


SAJC helps each student to see challenges in their lives with knowledge supported by their wisdom and moral values. SAJC energizes students through events and sports and helps them to develop good decision-making skills.

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MR. P BHEEM SANJEEV Father of Ashwajeet, MEC-CPT August 9, 2017


We shifted from Mumbai and took my daughter’s admission in SAJC. They assured me for less class strength and have kept their promise. I’m happy with my decision.



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DR. MRUNAL APTE Mother of Yashada Apte, MPC-IC May 27, 2017


For me, SAJC has been a ‘Home away from home’. Due to the diversity of students coming from different cultures, we learn to appreciate differences and it makes the place more interesting.

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MS. MANISHA SONI Student, MPC-IC May 14, 2017


I chose and suggest SAJC because it creates interest among students by practical knowledge along with the theory. I feel really happy when my daughter tells me how they perform experiments in the Laboratory.

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MR. T. Satish Gupta Father of Madhu Pravalika, BiPC – IC March 27, 2017

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