11 Simple Tips for the Exam Day

Exam Day Tips Exam fever is not a new term if you’re reading this post. Probably your teachers, family, and friends would have already told you to study well in advance and check the exam center, etc. But, what’s generally neglected is the Mental Preparation for the Exam on the Exam Day. This Mental Prep has already begun and reading this post is also part of the same process. Being a student, this could be your first time writing a board examination or you might have experienced it before. However, here we are sharing 10 Points that will make you feel comfortable on Exam Day — D Day. 

Exam Day Tips:

  1. Wake up at least 2–3 hours before the start time from home. If you have a habit of exercise or meditation or a religious ritual, then wake up 3 hours before the start time. This also means that you sleep early a day before and have sufficient sleep. Sleep is a very very important element that is the most neglected during exams.
  2. Breakfast Mandatory.!! Yes, never skip eating before exam. And most importantly, just eat whatever is cooked. Do Not fight with your loved ones and get out of the house in that mood. Just eat what’s cooked. If nothing is cooked, eat something less oily on the way. 
  3. Carry a water bottle, stationery, hall-ticket, a sanitizer and any other necessary items. 
  4. Decide in advance how are you going to commute that day. Is someone going to drop you? Rapido/ Ola/ Uber? Metro? City Bus? Own transport? Walk?
  5. Calculate the travel time and start from home accordingly. You need to consider that the traffic might be more than usual as thousands of other students like you also have their exam on that day.
  6. It’s important to reach the exam center at least 30 min before. If the exam is at 9 am, then they shall start allowing students from 8:30 am or 8:40 am. Be there by 8:30 am. 
  7. Check your room numbers or the seat allotments in the center. 
  8. Avoid reading just before entering the center. Don’t panic even if a friend reminds you of something that you forgot to study. It’s okay. Take a chill pill. 
  9. In the exam hall, wait for the invigilators to give instructions. In case of any doubts, ask them. Follow the instructions carefully. 
  10. Avoid writing any religious phrases at the start of the answer sheet. 
  11. During the exam, AVOID helping other students sitting around. Sometimes this might end you in soup. Your paper might be snatched and not allowed to continue the exam or even cancel the exam. You definitely do not want to lose marks trying to let a friend gain marks.

And once the exam starts, all you need to do is just go with the flow of your mind. Trust yourself. Your mind is capable of giving you the right words at the right time. Keep hydrating yourself. It’s important to take water breaks in between the exam, as final exams always happen during summers. 

In case of any anxiety in between or before the exam, or if you feel stuck, just stop what you’re doing and take 15–20 slow deep breathes, drink some water, look around, stretch your body, smile for 15–20 seconds, tell yourself that it’s okay if you don’t remember, and continue with the flow of your mind. Trust the machine on the topmost floor of your body called Brain. Your brain will handle it. You keep the pen flowing. 

Now, it’s time to remember these exam day tips and get back to work until the next interesting post. All the best!

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—–Authored by Nikhilesh Bharadwaj, Director, Sri Amogha,

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