What are the key differences: Art vs Design vs Arch ?

Art and Design and Architecture is an important difference to understand before making career decisions. You or your child might have an interest in Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Art, and Craft. Now the doubt comes when it is time to decide which stream to select after Class 10 and which entrance exam to attempt after Class 12 or Intermediate. 

This article will help you!

Lack of familiarity and awareness might make you feel to keep creativity as a hobby than a profession. After reading this article and going through a Free Counselling Session, you can decide for yourself. 

Before jumping into the detailed analysis of the Difference between Art and Design and Architecture, watch this video for a better understanding. 

This content has helped many students to make a decision much before the video was made.

As the video suggests Art, Design and Architecture have a common knowledge base but are different in their intention and application. 

For example:

Interior Art is very different from Interior Design; 

Graphic Art is very different from Graphic Design. 

Example of a Manhole: 

Why are Manholes’ lids circular in Shape? 

10-15 years ago there were more square lids, but eventually, in the modernization, they have been converted to a circular shape. 


Manholes circular shape

As seen above, Circle is the only shape that can’t slip through the opening. This was a major breakthrough as there were a number of reported cases of people falling into a manhole without lids. 


On the other hand:

Art vs Design

We all know the mystery of the Mona Lisa painting. It is left for different interpretations. It is not Conclusivee and is not trying to solve a problem. 

Table: Art and Design



Emotion Oriented


Art Inspires

Design Motivates

Good Art is Interpreted

Good Design is Understood

Good Art is Taste

Good Design is an Opinion

Good Art is a Talent

Good Design is a Skill

Good Art sends a Different Message to Everyone

Good Design sends the Same Message to Everyone

Art is a Journey

Design is a Process

Art is an Open debate

Design is Conclusive

Art is an act of Freedom

Design is an Act of Empathy

Then where is Architecture?

In short, the architecture combines Art, Design, and Science. Architects use their creativity and also their technical skills to make sure of a strong structure. 

Let's build a villa for yourself

If you are getting a dream villa for yourself, you might need all three professionals to achieve your vision. 

An Architect: to give you the design of the complete villa. 

A Designer: to help you with interiors and furniture. 

An Artist: to help you with a sculpture installation or your portrait painting on a wall.

Each field has its own significance and scope. You need to evolve in your interest and passion to build one. 


Understanding these differences will help you make a better decision in terms of choosing your subjects and subsequent entrance exams. 

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To pursue Architecture, the student will have to be from an MPC background. 

To pursue Art and Design, the students can take any subject combination in Intermediate/ Junior College. 

What next?

Take some time to understand these differences. 

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