Career Options after MPC

Introduction to Career Options after MPC

Many students finish their high school education by studying math, physics, and chemistry, which is also the MPC complete form, yet many need help deciding on their ideal professional path. 

Candidates who have taken the MPC course are thought to have the most career alternatives out of all the candidates. Students can apply to practically all of the higher education streams after completing their math, physics, and chemistry courses in school. Due to fierce competition, it is growing harder for students to get admission to medical colleges and in fields like engineering, where there is an oversupply.

After finishing the 10+2 requirements, science students have access to a wide variety of professional and non-professional courses, which is one of the significant advantages of MPC.

A science student has the option to pursue and is qualified for practically all careers, including ones in the arts and business. Science majors have the option of pursuing degrees in the pure or applied sciences, as well as in the arts or business, etc., which are among the best career options after MPC

Career options after MPC

Here are some career options after MPC for courses that can be opted for in the future.

B.Architecture - (Bachelor of Architecture)

One of the most sought-after degrees after the 12th MPC is the bachelor of architecture. It offers additional opportunities for learning the craft of structuring physical objects through planning, designing, and building. Ideally, the well-liked undergraduate program lasts five years. The course synthesizes several fields, including the humanities, environmental studies, mathematics, engineering, and aesthetics. It provides extensive research, project-based work, a theoretical component, and assignments. You may be able to find profitable employment in well-known global corporations after completing a B. Arch course.

B.Des - (Bachelor of Design)

The full Form of  B.Des is a bachelor’s degree in design. This is a four-year professional program with a wide range of specialties, including textile design, fashion communication, product design, fashion design, industrial design, and fashion design. Candidates must receive a minimum grade of 50% on their 12th-grade or equivalent exam from a recognized university to take admission for the B.Des course. The B.Des is a broad course with a variety of specializations available, including fashion design, fashion communication, communication design, industrial design, and more. Entrance exams like the UCEED, NIFT entrance test, NID DAT, etc. are used to determine admission to the B.Des program.


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BE/B.Tech - (Bachelor of Engineering/ Technology)

BE and B.Tech stand for Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology, respectively. A 4-year engineering bachelor’s degree program includes these courses. Students in the MPC group studying in the science stream love these. Engineering is a broad field with many subfields, including mechanical, civil, electrical, and computer science engineering. To get admitted to engineering colleges, candidates must pass several qualification tests, such as JEE and EAMCET. Based on the entrance exam results, students can enrol in various educational institutions that provide engineering courses.

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Career Options after MPC
Famous Engineering Branches

Merchant Navy

In contrast to the Navy, which is focused on national defense and protection, the merchant navy is the sector of the naval vessel industry that offers commercial services. It’s a well-paying job that provides the chance to travel by sea all around the world. It is a highly appealing opportunity for young people who enjoy having experiences and making good money simultaneously. Although it is a glamorous job, a career in the merchant navy requires shipping cargo all over the world, which keeps one busy. The minimum requirement for the merchant navy is 10+2 with math, chemistry, and physics. Since there is no gender restriction, both men and women can apply for positions in the Merchant Navy.

Bsc. Aviation

The aviation sector is unquestionably experiencing a surge, and it is one of the industries with the quickest growth rates and offers degree holders a wide range of employment options. A comprehensive introduction to the world of flying airplanes, helicopters, gliders, etc., is provided by the course. The training offers a variety of knowledge about airplanes, flying time, etc. Moreover, this course starts with the fundamentals of aviation, including ground staff management, airline ticketing, aircraft financing, airport security, and flight attendant staffing.

B.FTech - (Bachelor of Fashion and Technology)

Over time, the fashion sector has developed into one of the wealthiest professions. It keeps a student up to date on all the subtleties around apparel, needlework, and other essential accessories. The undergraduate course’s primary goal is to give students an understanding of all the approaches, strategies, and tools that are frequently used and utilized in the modern fashion industry. Moreover, it supports students in developing more professional conceptions, designs, management, and marketing strategies for fashion products. Graduates in fashion technology can find employment in well-known fashion houses, e-commerce fashion websites, fashion magazines, and independent businesses.

BCA - (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

BCA is a degree program with an emphasis on computer science and IT. The course is highly challenging and on-trend. For people interested in computers and software, there is a three-year undergraduate program called BCA. Numerous IT and software firms hire thousands of recent BCA graduates. In many IT and software companies, one can work as a web developer or designer, software tester or developer, computer designer, etc.

B.Pharma - (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

After receiving a certificate from MPC in 12th grade, you might choose the excellent career option of a bachelor of pharmacy. You will learn topics relating to pharmacy and pharmaceutical topics in this course. In India, a pharmacist makes, on average, between 2 and 5 lacs annually.


You have a variety of career options after MPC and a variety of educational possibilities available to you once you have completed the 12th grade in MPC. Mechanical, information technology, computer science, and other engineering-related B.Tech. Degrees are a few examples. Candidates have the choice of taking the CA/CS exam in addition to picking engineering, and it is an excellent alternative to math in the 12th year. BCA, B.Arch, etc., are some courses that allow students to pursue a career because these professions offer attractive work opportunities.

The other programs include integrated law programs, a bachelor of planning, commercial pilot training, aircraft maintenance engineering, management courses (BBA, BMS), and others. Students must therefore consider their interests and select the subject they believe will best suit them.

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