Gaming: How much is too much?

Online gaming or mobile gaming could be a good technique to engross the kid or get like–minded people through an online community. Primary school students, High school students, Intermediate college students, and above, you can see all into gaming these days. But it is not easy to diagnose the line between enjoying the hobby and letting it affect someone negatively. People who play video games consistently must find out at what point playing games become detrimental to them. World Health Organization has tried to address this issue and has named it ‘gaming disorder’.

Screen time

A survey implies that screens occupy the kids nearly 50 hours a week. Gentile, a Psychologist of Media Research Lab at Lowa State University says that too much time gaming will lead to poor school performance and it displaces after-school academic activities such as homework and reading. The kids tend to have a teacher – reported learning problems and drastically lower reading and writing scores than the other boys.

Making the teens aggressive

It is difficult to control the violent content in video games. The games relax the minds since the flickering screens and the different sound levels set off a primitive brain response, they force the people to orient to the media so the kids don’t have to pay attention like they do in a classroom. But violent video games are the reason behind a kid’s school shooting, teasing others, pushing, name calling, rumor – spreading and fistfights instead of avoiding confrontation. They increase aggression and decrease empathy in kids.

Making the teens vulnerable

Repeated exposure to violence has a lethal effect on teens. Video games come out with instant rewards for punishing the competitors. They not only develop hostility but also train a brain to retort to real-life problems with aggression. The kids have become susceptible to these effects and they might become highly neurotic, less agreeable, less conscientious and unreceptive.

The amount of time spent on gaming is not a concern until video games have become meddlesome in life. The issue is ‘When’ rather than ‘how much’. But how much time can a kid spend on gaming is still a question and the answer is not yet set in stone. The kids can consider it as a hobby than an addiction. Once they get addicted then they will have to face relationship difficulties, social isolation, sleeping disorder, depression, and obesity. But they can easily replace these video games with physical activities like jogging or reading a book or learning a musical instrument or even carrying out a science experiment. The kids have more opportunities to explore the world and it is the right time for them to right things in the right way.

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