PUBG -Teenager’s #1 Favorite! Is it best to play?

PUBG/ Free Fire/ Call of Duty: The impact of mobile games on adolescent children is inevitable. They get addicted to those games as they play day by day. So the parents get worried and start pondering that their children live in a world of unreal people and unreal situations. But there are games that hone the kids and their virtues. Even psychologists have had research on these video games and concluded that these games actually have many benefits. They make the kids smarter.

Nowadays the games like PUBG(Battle Ground), CoD, Free Fire have stolen the show in every home. Kids show a sea of interest in playing it. It is a shooting game and the significant part is the kid can play with his friends and he will be the real team player and keeps track of the game. By playing these games, one must be able to coordinate with the brain’s elucidation and the reaction with the movement of his hands. These games make a kid retort faster than usual. These games enable one to be more vigilant and proactive.

What does Psychology say?

A famous psychologist Shawn Green put forth his ideas on video games that playing games revise the brain’s physiological structure in the same manner as do learning to read, steering using a map, or playing the piano. The effective combination of concentration and rewarding flow of neurotransmitters strengthen neural circuits which can build the brain.

According to Erik Erikson, a renowned psychologist of the 20th century, adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood and is the most important stage of life. Children become more independent and begin to look at the future in terms of career, relationships, families, and housing. The individual wants to belong to a society and fit in. This is also a major stage of development where the child has to learn the roles he will occupy as an adult. PUBG is exactly addressing these needs of belonging to a clan and is allowing team members to figure out their roles.

The game sharpens one’s senses that let one take a better decision. It improves one’s multi-tasking skills also. ‘Winner winner, chicken dinner!’ is the reward by the game that captivates the people who are up for ‘Instant Gratification. It applauds the winners by throwing a chicken dinner. The kids will be moved by the appreciation and their senses get aroused to accomplish more.

The kids can play this game just to observe the advantages listed out but too much of anything is good for nothing. It is not advisable to spend more time on games. Either it’s PUBG or Candy crush or Temple run, they hone the cognitive abilities of kids to some extent but addiction to any of the games is hazardous.

But How much is too much?

Online gaming or mobile gaming could be a good technique to engross the kid or get like-minded people through an online community. Primary school students, High school students, Intermediate college students, and above, you can see all into gaming these days. But it is not easy to diagnose the line between enjoying the hobby and letting it affect someone negatively. People who play video games consistently must find out at what point playing games become detrimental to them. World Health Organization has tried to address this issue and has named it ‘gaming disorder’.

What is Instant Gratification?

Gratification plays a key role in everyone’s Life and Career and acts as a motivator of human behavior. It engrosses emotions, happiness, desires and a goal too. It stems from the accomplishment of social needs that might be socializing, social approval or mutual recognition.

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