Women Safety – Here is what a girl student feels

Women Safety!

We all support women’s safety, but do we really act?

Kiran Barthwal, a student of Sri Amogha feels it’s the societal mindset that needs to be changed. In this bi-lingual poem, she draws a parallel with the Pre-Independence India when Indians kept fighting with strong hope and faith – Umeed. Young Voices like these are put forward under the College’s initiative – Awaaz.

She named this poem –

Cheekh (Scream in Hindi)

Kiran lists all instances when a girl has voiced and screamed in her life. She says –

Vo har din cheekhthi rahi,

(She screams every day)

Usne Cheekha jab vo chedi jathi thi,

(She screamed when she was teased)

Usne Cheekha jab vo apne pathi se maar kathi thi,

(She screamed when she was beaten by her husband)

Usne Cheekha jab voska rape huan,

(She screamed when she was raped)

Usne tab bhi Cheekha jab use kamzhor samjha gaya…

(She screamed even when she was thought to be weak)

Check out her Instagram for the complete poem –

(Use earphones for clearer audio)

What Matters?

In the end, what really matters is the responsibility as an individual we all can take up. Science says that every man has a woman in him and every woman has a man in her. Respecting every individual as being and becoming a ray of hope in this darkness is the way forward. Open discussions and education on these topics are required to happen at different places starting from home.

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